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Mission Statement:

Here at Studio520, our goal is to

 expresses ideas, fundamental values,

with inspiration, and innovation, focused

through state of the art audio recording.

It is the intention of the studio to 

allow the artist to be able to express themselves through the art of music. 

Thank You!

Alan Fox Studio520

Alan Fox owner/operator of Studio520

recording engineer / production manager

studio musician (guitar / vocals / keys / bass)

Alan Fox:  is a Nationally Recognized Award
Winning Guitarist, recording engineer/producer - garnered with 
awards in the highly competitive music mecca such as: 
Los Angeles, CA. 
Nashville, TN.
Austin, TX.
23rd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards, "2013 Rock Band of the Year"
2016 "Rock Band of the Year" in Nashville, TN.
2017 "Texas Music Awards", "Rock Band of the Year"

2021 "Entertainer of The Year Nashville, TN."

2022 "Album of the Year" (Country Soul Living In The City) Nashville, TN 

Studio520 got it's start in 1975 with a Sony Reel-to-Reel Recorder (2 track) then in 1984 with a Yamaha 4 trac recorder. We upgraded in 1986 to a Tascam 38 reel to reel studio recorder. After much success, we desided to go digital in 1995 with the Alesis Adat Recorder. (still only 8 tracks) after getting another Alesis Adat slaved together (for 16 tracks) We took the plunge into hard drive recording. With the help of the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface

still in use today in our studio. With:

MXL 990 Microphones:

Mackie 2404VLZ4 24-channel Mixer:


Studio520 is able to take your idea and make it into a reality! 

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