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Hello and welcome to STUDIO520.

Here we offer quality digital audio for your recording needs.

In the Studio your suggestions are welcome, but please remember, the producer is in charge of the production of sound. We can use the musicians you wish to have on your recording, although you will be liable for any payments made to them yourself.

If you wish to use Studio520's studio musicians, their price will be itemized for you.

  • 15-30 second Commercial or "Snippet" ---  $199

  • Simple song with or without lyrics. (minimum backing / guitar, bass, drums, simple lead) --- $399

  • For a full production song with or without lyrics. (full backing / guitar (acoustic & electric), bass, drums, keys, strings, lead, back up vocals, with harmony etc.)  ---  $599

  • EP For full production four song CD with 100 physical CD's full color production Mastering included -- $1399

  • Contract for Studo520 will need to be signed by artist and payment made in full before any sound recordings leave the studio with customer.  


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